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Within the Tayto range, there is a tasty selection of crisps, snacks, popcorn and nuts to nibble on.

Tayto strives for the highest standards across all its products. Specialist blending of the finest ingredients and continuous innovation have helped maintain Tayto’s position as Ireland’s favourite crisp.

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Tayto Crisps, Bistro, Occasions, Healthier Option Crisps


Snacks ›

Tayto Snacks, Velvet Crunch,
Tayto Toobz


Popcorn & Nuts ›

Popcorn Pleaure, Salted Nuts,
Dry Roasted Nuts

Popcorn & Nuts

Healthier Options ›

LFCs, Treble Crunch, Velvet Crunch, Tayto Snacks, Popcorn Pleasure

Healthier Options

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Our Nutritional Commitment